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MTA 7 and L train article on NY1 website


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Look at this article. I am very angry about it.


"Beginning in December, the TA is increasing service on both the 7 and L lines during the week. The L line will get more trains during the weekend as well.


Transit officials say ten weekday round trips are being added on the 7 line, and 23 round trips will be added to the L on weekdays, with 30 trips added on Saturday and another 34 added on Sunday."


The 7 line is already filled to capacity!! Every time I took the 7 train during rush hour I was ALWAYS delayed at 103rd Street because the train in front was delayed at 111th Street because there are way too many trains on the tracks! It cannot handle that much! And to add to that, some of the Flushing bound trains have to cut their trip short and end at 111th Street! Its like trying to fill a cup with a gallon of water!


"You know when you're working to get somewhere at a specific time and a train is supposed to be there at a time and it either doesn't show up or it shows up late or shows up and it's super crowded, it's all just disgusting, and you pay so much for it,” said a straphanger."


you don't like the crowded trains? go buy a car! otherwise DEAL WITH IT!


"It's annoying, and it's dirty, and it's not safe as well. We should see more cops. Other than that, what else can you do but to wait for the train,” added another."


i don't even know what to say about that


i don't know why those idiots who are privileged enough to live near such a great subway line known as the 7 train complain about it. it sickens me. those people need to go out more and see what else other people who take other trains go through before opening their big mouths and bark about it.

now with the MTA spending all this money to "fix" what is already good, there will be no more money left to fix what really is bad!!

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Hopefully they don't add those trains in during the crush rush hour. If the line is at train capacity at rush hour, it only makes sense to add them during the tail end of the rush hour.


It will create more jobs for T/Os and C/Rs though.

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