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Morristown & Erie - Morristown, NJ (13 Pics - No 56K)

Ken S.

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Some pics of various pieces of equipment on the Morristown & Erie.

Ex-US Army Switcher


Ex-SLQ 3562


Ex-Erie Mining RS11 7212


SW1500 20


Coach Pine


Ex-Amtrak Baggage Car 1800


Dow Chemical Centerflow on the rear of a train in Dover


Louisville & Nashville Business Car Ohio River


Caboose 4 in Dover


The regular engine C424 18 in Dover


Coach Birken (ex-BCR)


SSB1200 563 (ex-Amtrak)


Norfolk Southern GP40-2 3010


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Great stuff! Never have bothered with the M&E but I'm hoping to change that!



You never know what you'll find there. You can browse through my pics by clicking on the homepage link under my name in this post to see when exactly each pic was taken.


My guess is that the RS11 may be going to scrap soon. The 563 appears to be the shop switcher and 18 is the regular power for the railroad. The NS diesel was a rare find. The passenger cars change every so often but the Ohio River has been there for quite some time.

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- A


Nice pix of the Morristown and Erie stuff, :(!


Thanks, the M&E has a variety of equipment both in NJ and in Maine. One of the Maine FL9s is sitting in Morristown in the string of equipment that the Pine is in.

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