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New Transit Group I'm Starting

Daniel The Cool

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I decided to start a new transit group called West End Express. This group mainly focus on NYC Subway and also focus on NYC Buses. If you would like to become a member of the group go to my profile and click on join group and also join the West End Express group site at http://westendexpressforum.smfforfree.com/



Note: If anyone can make a logo cool for the West End Express Group that will be great. And I'm currently looking for manager and co manager for the West End Express Group. Please email me at DanielTheCool10@aol.com with including information


Your NYC Transit Forums Name

The West End Express Forum Name

Why Should We Hire you

Your Experience


Have a nice day

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Don't you already have two other forums that you're running? You don't need a third one.


this is the same forum I had since I told you guys about West End Express so apparently the site not new but the group is new

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Wait then where's the group? The link you gave doesn't work. I don't think I get what's different between the group and the forum either.


I just found out the host might be going through maintenance so in the meantime just join the group that's on my profile and pm me if you want to become Manager or Assistant Manager

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