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NEC oddities today.


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Ok, so first thing. I caught the 10:18 from trenton today, no big deal right? WRONG!


I saw 4300 near hamilton outside of trenton by itself. I saw an EMU stopped much farther up the line, like linden or edison or something, and the track was on fire, now i know they do this to expand the rail to join it, but.... Why? Also of note, i saw the normal work engine at the amtk MOW yard near edison.... But i also saw 4 larger beasties on a track farther back.


Why is the propane filler vehicle still parked off to one side near track 4 (i forget the exact location along the line)


Later on after i stopped at the airport and went on my way to nwk, harrison had one side closed.... PATH was not using track H (the upper track) all morning.


An EMU set (a joined pair) was hooked to the hudson protect (4300 again) on my way to nwk on PATH.


I saw a conrail freight move on track 1 on my way home, i was on track 3 on the super express.


On this same segment of my trip i saw what looked like small debris from the truck that met the HHP8 the other day on the ballast and between the ballast & road.


There is a lot of CWR laying all around in various spots, what is to become of it (it's new)?


Sadly i did not catch a video or photo of the track fire thing or the seemingly related stopped (NJT) train, the conrail move OR the debris.. however i did catch 4141 at nwk with both video & photo!:eek::tup:


I know not all of this is (NJT) related, but it's related to the :nec: line which was where it took place, or where i was when i saw it. :cool:


- A

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Not Hudson Protect 4300 was sent out to retrieve some MU's today heard all the chatter on the scanner whilst studying. Not sure what the freight was but probably a CSAO ME(Metuchen) or OI(Oak Island) train. I'm leaning more torwards a Metuchen train. I did change to CSAO south Jersey for a little bit. Sound like you had a nice day though! Thanks for the report from the field!

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Yea, it was one of the more interesting days since i've been riding the :nec:.


I also saw an alp-46 making a loud screeching sound (probably the cooling fan) while pulling out of NWK. It was VERY wet and pouring rain, so maybe that had something to do with it.


I also saw a cranky PL42AC that looked like they had recently started it up in the rain and cold, and there was major soot coming out as it pulled away with a set of comets heading to high bridge.


RVL train from hoboken was a cat. 4141 was headed to bay head. Both stopped on track 2.


Here's the kicker. The engineer, seeing me recording the cat, totally floored the engine before pulling out. Now, i've seen probably 20 cats throttle up before moving, but this was different, the pitch and amplitude was off the scale compared to those other times. :eek::cool:


- A

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