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NYCLU Files Lawsuit Against 'Secret Court'

Cait Sith

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NYCLU Files Lawsuit Against 'Secret Court'




A lawsuit aimed at exposing a "secret court" for those accused of crimes in the subway was filed Wednesday by the New York Civil Liberties Union.


Under the current system, those cited for violations like fare evasion and public intoxication can contest the charges at a hearing. The NYCLU says the hearings are closed to the public, and violate both the First Amendment and the state constitution.


The group says it filed a federal lawsuit to have the policy overturned.


"It's entirely unacceptable. We're a free society. We're an open society. A democratic society. And our judicial proceedings, whether they be for minor infractions like that or for major offenses, have to go on in public," said Donna Lieberman, New York Civil Liberties Union.


The NYCLU says the case stems from a client who was ticketed for video taping an arrest on a subway platform, even though doing so is permitted by law.


New York City Transit had no comment, saying it is still reviewing the lawsuit.


Source : http://ny1.com/content/news_beats/transit/Default.aspx


So now that videotaping is being reviewed, perhaps they will actually inform the police that its legal to film & photograph in the subway

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