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Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad with MBTA Gear


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This isnt a commuter or transit line, but a scenic line. I want to share this with you because I want to point something out. When you watch this video, check out the old RDCs on the train. Here is a little info:


Those RDC's used to run on MBTA's track. They were all former B&M and New Haven RDCs. They were then given to the MBTA. At this point, they were fairly old. They used to keep breaking down, so the MBTA decided to gut out the cars and take out the cabs and engine. So, now, non-powered. The MBTA then upgraded to more recent commuter cars. Now, the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad (WSRR) and the Hobo Railroad (Both are somewhat inter-joined) own them. The MBTA gave them to the railroads as a gift.


Now, here is the video:



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