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A Run To The City and Back (4/11/09)

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Went to the city yesterday to get some stuff done at the dentist. Since it was raining, my mom decided to take the (A) into Brooklyn instead of the (E).


8 pics for now, but meh:


R160A-2 (E) Train at WTC



Me in the worst of poses







(E)(F) trains local between Roosevelt and 71st.



I want more artwork! :P



R40S (A) coming through




8359 TMC RTS on the Q112



8357 from a while back on the Q110



Vids to come soon.

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Thanks for the comments guys! Here's the vids. Watch them in HQ where possible.


R160A-2 (E) Train Leaving W4



Train Action at W4 - All (E) R160



R40(S) (A) Train Arriving at W4



(insert title here) - R40(S) (A) Train Between Euclid and 104th


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Nice shots! You sound like "OH NO!! I GOT SHOT INTO A CAM" lol =P But nice pics =]!


Thanks. I was telling my mom to hold the camera still since the flash was off. She kept pretending that she didn't hear me and got me when I started getting louder. :P


Nice pictures! :cool:



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