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The Funny Picture Thread


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I've seen this in other forums and the pictures posted are hilarious. I figured we can start one here too if its okay with the administrators of this forum.


If its okay we should keep the pictures work/school safe.

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Crispin's Shuttle Bus to Boulder Office

Disruptive Thinker Transit.

It's work shuttle bus that looks like a prison bus.

According to video, this bus is attracting lots of motorist.



These pictures I took when Hitachi Digtal Camera was working.

Funniest Motorist (Shopping Bag is like flying with wind and stuffed teddy bear SEEMED TO BE HITCHHIKING! Taken from inside M2 bus.




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Beware, some may be Rated [R]...


I purposly did it in small size. So, if you want to look at it, then look at it. If you don't, then don't.


I am definently not buyin any homes from this place!:



I think they used a wheel from a shopping cart, shopping car!:



I am definently not going to this school!:



These guys should change a font, RSS is the word...:



This will sure give drivers a surprise...:



From [::FailBlog::]


By Lord, that's EPIC FAIL.

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