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Shouldve done this a while ago...


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Hey all, Livingston here. I was born and grew up in Staten Island and then moved to Pennsylvania in my teens. Just recently within the last year had a sudden burst of nostalgia of my childhood, riding the subway and bus around the city and what not with my pops. I loved it. Anyway, I'm studying history now in college and I hope to try to get into a field of study that will involve me with the NYC Transit System (and NYC history in general)... so with that being said all your experiences and stories will help me greatly in my learning adventure! Hope to speak to you all soon!

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Thank you all for the warm welcome! Its nice to see other Staten Islanders here transplanted out of the borough, haha.


Welcome! Glad a Pennsylvanian is here and enjoy your stay. Just to let you know, NYC System is doing well and they've got New Trains. Depending on when you moved, there is New Trains on the IRT: (2), (4), (5) and (6) and BMT/IND: (E), (F), (J), (L), (M), (N), (Q), (W) and (Z) Lines. Redbirds are gone and the old trains (R-42 and before) will be gone by 2010/2011 so come to New York someday and catch them.


Its crazy the amount of changes that have happened since I moved! I unfortunately wasnt able to catch the Redbirds in their last few months. Felt weird coming back to the city, riding on the 7 and seeing none. Anyway, I try to come back to the city as often as I can to visit and always use the transportation systems. It's fun when I bring people from Pennsylvania to NYC for the first time, I kinda act as a tour guide for them. The subway and the ferry ALWAYS amaze them too, every single person I brought to the city with me.


hello there, do you enjoy consuming cheese?


welcome btw


Haha, yes cheese is very good.

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