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Strange find of an LIRR car found about a year ago

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About a year ago (last June) I was near the Delaware River at Lackawaxen, PA where I was wandering along these tracks (I think it could have been the old Erie railroad) and found...














And it was connected to...






I thought it was a pretty interesting find. I wonder where they were bringing it and while on that point, what they planned on doing with it. What do you guys think?

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'DO NOT HUMP' means that the cars are not to be pushed and then let go. Sometimes the term hump yard may be encountered when dealing with freight, it is a yard placed on the downslope of a hill. At the top of the hill, a car is uncoupled and nudged, thereby letting gravity take over and as long as the switchman does their job correctly, it will roll right into its proper track in the yard.


It's quick, but it can be rough on the cars and their loads. Usually no passenger cars are to be "humped" and it can often be found on the TTX TrailerTrains on delivery of railcars via rail. Here is a shot of M7s on flatcars. On the front barrel door you can see the sign taped on "DO NOT HUMP".

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Great find! Were these abandoned cars the only ones in that vicinity?


I'm not sure if you were talking to me or Metsfan but yes, those were the only abandoned passenger cars in the area. There were some old looking freight cars as well, not sure if they were abandoned though. I also did my homework and found out it was definitely the Erie railroad I was on.

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