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R46 (A) Train and End of R40 Slants


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As of this week, there are only 90 R40 Slants in service on the (A) and 3 sets of R46 on the (A).


The R46's transferred so far (by order they were in today).

6146-6147-6149-6148, 6202-6203-6205-6204

6166-6167-6169-6168, 6154-6155-6157-6156

6150-6151-6153-6152, 6206-6207, 6234-6232


Latest R40 Slants Retired:

4186-4187, 4226-4227, 4310-4311, 4330-4331, 4418-4419


Another 2 sets will be retired by next week and another 2 sets of R46 will be transferred this week.

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