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Other Pics from April

Qns Blvd Dom

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Nice stuff from Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. I see you invaded my turf in the last pix, ;)!


Thanks! I sometimes go through there when I go home depending on how I feel or during the late nights, the Q64 would be the next available bus for me depending on how the subway go's like that evening it was the best option for me to take the Q64 home as it had less wait time and that is based on what time the subway get's me by 63rd Drive.

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Nice pics!


Great pics!




Thanks! ;)


Great shots, I really like that last one.


Thanks! :P I like the last 1 a lot myself


Yup, got it... You welcome and anytime you can invade my turf, :D!


No Problem! After all I used to live 1 community over from you (Kew Gardens) and I always went to Forest Hills! Surprised I never ran into you yet!


I HATE those large #s like on 3584. Damn!:mad:


I am ok with it considering it has been put on straight unlike LGA who put's the numbers on like puzzle pieces! :eek:

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Nice pics man. That last pic in the first post is a good one!

Thanks! :( I really like the last pic a lot as well!


Well, did you see my pix on the RailFan Trip Thread?

Yet, we may have walked by each other but, don't know each other.

If you see me on the streets, or at Stop&Shop, Trader Joe's or Staples - Say a Hey! and your username here and put palm on my back so I would know it's you! :)!


I have saw it. I will drop a comment on it shortly. In fact I did have a chance to meet you on 1 of the trips you went on recently however it would of have been more of a introduction type of thing as I would of have went somewhere else however that morning I was not feeling so good and end up sleeping late to make up some lost sleep.

Maybe that will happen 1 day. My doctor is not too far from Trader Joe's however I only been to the Forest Hills Stop And Shop several times. We see what happens

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Dang, I want to get 6365. The hybrid that started it all


great pics!

Thanks! :P

It should not be that hard to find now as it's now at Amsterdam and AMS don't really have a lot of routes. It also has an interesting interior as well.


Nice pics! I really like the last one in the first post.

Thanks! B)

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I know, but you could still meet me and hey, we can still probably do some bus-fanning/LIRR-fanning, -_-! We have more chances together since we live near each other.


Yea just let me know when you want to meet up with me! You have a better chance to meet up with me next month as I am going to be away next week!

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