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Bridget and Joey's Destiny

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This is just a little story I wrote after listening to the two songs below it non-stop for over a week:


On the snowy morning of March 2, 2009, 20-year-old Bridget Checkostova and her boyfriend 19-year-old Joey Zhang are in Bridget’s bed at her house in Brighton Beach while her mother is out-of-town. Joey is fast asleep, but Bridget, being wide awake, is fondling him while singing to herself how much she loves him. All of the sudden, her dad Mitchell, whom she has not seen in nine years, comes into the room.


He initially has a smile on his face because he was very anxious to see his daughter again, but that smile quickly turns into disbelief upon seeing Joey in bed with her. He is apparently not very pleased with her interracial relationship. Bridget, meanwhile, is angry at him for being away for most of her childhood.


They go into the hallway and start arguing. Bridget tries to convince her father that is fine to have a boyfriend of another race while Mitchell explains why he had to leave her and her mom. This fight does not last long as Mitchell grabs Bridget, orders her to change into long pants and put on her coat, and drags her out of the house and into his car. Despite her loud screams, Joey remains asleep. Mitchell tells Bridget he is taking her to her aunt’s place so she could tell her why she should not date men who are not Russian. After a 15-minute struggle with her father, Bridget is able to break open the door and jumps out of the car.


Mitchell just drives off while Bridget starts her difficult walk in the snow back home, where Joey finally wakes up and freaks out upon seeing that she is not with him. He frantically searches the house for her and calls her cell, but is unable to find or reach her. He then spots her favorite teddy bear lying by the front doors. Knowing she would never go anywhere without it, he suspects foul play. Remembering what Bridget told him about her father weeks earlier, Joey figures he must have came home and taken her away after seeing her in bed with him. In spite of the dangerous weather, Joey puts on his winter gear and heads out the door to find Bridget. He fights hard to survive the brutal cold, but collapses after going six blocks.


Joey wakes up to find himself back in bed with Bridget beside him. Relieved, she hugs and kisses him while explaining how she broke free from her dad prior to finding him unconscious on the streets and carrying him back home. She thanks him for attempting to rescue her before saying that she loves him the most in life and will never let anyone interfere with their relationship. Noticing his shivers, Bridget tightly holds Joey to the warmth of her body and wraps the blanket around him as the snow outside gets steadier.






The Russian song is called "Winter Dreams" while the Cantopop song is "Personal Feelings." They have a very similar theme, being set during the winter time and asking why do you feel so unhappy because if you are unhappy, then so am I.

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