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My Name here is EnergyMaster


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I am a natural scientist by nature, and am interested in various aetheric (non-newtonian aether) things such as infinite energy, and aetheric friction(which facilitates the existance of aetheric infinite energy.) I like trains as well. I am EXTREMELY UPSET about the recent lies spewing out of NJT and MTA managment. Packed trains on MTA 24/7, and almost NO trains on NJT tracks, yet they keep crying about increasing fares. Meanwhile, they scrap old cars, and dump MY BUDD R32 BRIGHTLINERS into the ocean. SHAME. BULL. IGNORANCE. ABUSE. The PA recently increased fares as well, and now are fooling around with useless kawasaki chitbox railcars made of plastic with too much garbage onboard. I bet they will want to increase fares when MTA does, since that is the way they generally doe it. These transit agencies are now MAFIAS sucking our money, SHAME. Just look at how our "federal government" is filling the pockets of banking people. You guys should look up the federal reserve...they got TRILLIONS of dollars, and guess what....THEY AREN"T EVEN FEDERAL!!! It is a private company. SHAME. We need an aetheric revolution...a transit revolution...a reniassance...and Nikola Tesla's popularity is going up too...the truth is finally being revealed.... I hope people start to make realizations about the BS going on.

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