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G via Culver G.O,West End And Some Other Stuff

Sea Beach

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I went hunting for a R32 on the G,but no luck :cry:

Anyways,I caught the good ole R46.



(G) At 4 Ave/9 St





(G) At Coney Island





R68 (D) At C.I Yard





R68 (D) At Bay Pkwy





R160 (N) At New Utrecht Ave









R68 (D) At 20 Ave







Enjoy! :P

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They are your home lines, right?


Yep! :cool:

I can never live without my (N)(D),even though I hate the R68's on the (D). :P


Nice shots!


Thanks! :)


Well an R160 did RAN on the (G) this weekend!!!

Subchat has thier own a thread about it and with real photos. ( The person who saw it did say it was 1am) I hope the (G) runs some more this weekend.


Great pics!


Yes,I heard about that. Its gonna happen next weekend to,but theres a trick to this. When the 160 (F) gets to C.I,its about 11:55p,the (G) via Culver G.O starts at 12a,so when the 160 (F) leaves C.I its gonna be past 12a,so its gonna run as a (G) til Forest Hills,or maybe even 179 st,and then it'll turn into an (F) to Euclid. So the 160 (G) is only a one time thing,and is only gonna run once between 12a and 1a.


and Thanks! :)


Nice pics.. but I don't think R42's run on the (G)..


Thanks! :)

I heard its not gonna be running the R42,but will be running at least one set of a R32,the rest will be R46's and like I said in my post above,one R160 set at around 12a.




Thanks! :)

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