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How did you find NYCTF?

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Decided to start a topic to see where the source of people come in =) So how did you? Were your referred by friend or family? Used a Search Engine? Saw a Partnership/Affiliation page on a website and clicked it? Typed in Nyctforum.com domain on the address bar and found this? How? -_-







I found this site via BVE Station, and Curake79 referred me~! =]!


What about you?! ~^_^b

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I found this site by accident, when I was supposed to be researching for my political science class. I was using MSN at the time and I found out a topic about the R-160s here. I decided to join, and got some friends to go here too, which makes this even better!

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I've been on Subchat, still am...was drawn to this site because of the "employee interaction"...I also think people are more friendly here, on Subchat there are some who just get off on criticizing other people but contribute nothing of their own except photo's and then there are others who just entirely lack senses of humor...


But I still think the biggest draw of this place is the chance to interact with employees and learn from them...their posts are always entertaining to read

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Orion (DeShawn) told me about.....took me a week to think about it and then I decided to join!
That's because I kept pestering you..


I found this website on google, I was googling for a NYC Transit Forum and guess what popped up...

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I was informed that some of my GIFs were being used as avatars and decided to join up. Much in the same way that the old BTN did for those who remember that place.


I don't know which gifs you're talking about but I wasn't using any of your bus gifs until you joined up. I was using someone else's train gifs with their blessing. It wasn't until after you joined that I asked you if we can use your bus gifs as avatars. :cool:

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