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The story behind your avatar

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After we heard many stories about each other's handles and signatures... how about, let's here stories about each other's avatars. Why did you choose your avatar?


Let me start with mine:

My avatar is the MTR logo. That's the carrier of the heavy rail lines in Hong Kong.



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I happen to like that Red and Cream paint job on the former Triboro Coach MCI Classic. Also The Classics are 1 of my favorite bus models of all time!

Not to mention I had a very interesting experience riding 1 on the QM12 where there was no A/C so all the windows where open and the B/O decided to go over the 59 St Bridge Upper Level at about 55-60 MPH WITH THE FRONT DOOR OPEN! It really created some nice wind inside the bus!:cool:

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The former depot that housed the M21. A depot I miss dearly. I've always though the HUD depot logo looked cool. I even walked from my apartment near Avenue C to where the old Hudson Pier deopt is located.


i remembered the PIER Depot. i used to take it on the M34 bus and seen it alot on the M6, M16, M34 and M42 routes.


what ever happened to that depot??

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The (EE) ran from 1967 to 1976. It ran weekdays during normal hours from 71st Avenue-Continental Avenue to Whitehall. The (EE)'s fellow local train on Queens Boulevard was the (GG) and on Broadway the (RR).


I always thought it was neat that Queens Boulevard had an (E) express and a (EE) local and that one stopped at 50th Street and one stopped at 49th Street in Manhattan.


Today, my favorite subway line is the (E).

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I have two reason why i choose 100th Street Depot Logo.

#1 M101/102/103 ran and rode on 3rd Ave where i used to live Jefferson Houses bwt 112st & 115st.

#2 my father who is a MaBSTOA B/O at Old 100th Street Depot from 1983 to 1998 and alway driver M101 bus and now he retire after 24 years driving NYCT 1983 to 2007 16 years at old 100th street Depot and 8 years at MJQ Depot.



Mears Motor Coach Operator in Orlando,Florida:cool:

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