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Eastchester, Pelham Bay and Co-op City (Extreme 56k Warning)

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Nice pics man!
6355 still looks odd to me, great pictures Shawn
Thanks and most Orion VIs look odd to me, except the ones in LA.
Win. :tup:
Your pictures are some of the clearest I've seen.
Thank you so much, I know it must've been torture viewing this thread with your computer, lol!
Orion VI, oh yeah. Excellent work.
Thanks 33rd!
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Nice shots, but i dont get it isnt Orion VI retireed? And was it repainted back white?
Thanks. It wasn't repainted, not all VIs were in the same scheme.
Thanks Charles
these pics are memories for me when i used to live in co-op city. i lived on dreiser loop, and always looked at the buses go by, and occasionally get a sneak peek at the (5) going into dyre avenue. good pics man!



Thank you, what made you move if you don't mind me asking?
Wonderful pics:tup:
Excellent express bus pics
Nice stuff from the Great Northern Boro of The Bronx, B)!
Thank you.
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Great pics man!


Got a question though - What's the deal with the VI? Storage I presume? And what on earth is LIB 2109 doing there?

Thanks, Orion VIs are all scrapped and one preserved basically as a museum bus.
Nice pics! I really like the first express bus one.
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