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My HO-Scale Locomotives

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Here are some shots of the power that had ran on my layout. I'm now in the stages of planing rebuilding the layout to better suit my needs. But this is some of the power I enjoy running, the other stuff is either being overhauled or a parts donor.





Acela Express(Locomotive shown only)

Alaska RR GP38-2 theres a back story for this guy.

PRR K-4 1361


Amtrak Phase IV AEM7

Phase III Genesis P42

HHP-8 655


Amtrak F40PH 332 Phase III

CNJ 1510 a FM Baby Trainmaster

PS RS-1 9915

Reading RDC 3 9168

CNJ F3A 51 and B unit


All except for the Alaska RR unit have played a role in NJ railroading somehow.




Eventually I'll do a thread based on the passenger trains I model.

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Love the AEM-7s!!!! 655 doesn't look like that anymore sadly!

Thank you!


I bought some undecorated AEM7's which will soon be AEM7AC's, as for 655, thats why I bought a second one:). When I heard trainworld was/is trying to offload them I knew I should probably buy another. The other unit will have no more Acela markings and will be weathered, If that works I'll buy a few more and have a fleet! First however I have to rebuild the layout, making catenary is not fun but thats what I'm working on now.



Nice stuff you got there. I love the Amtraks, NJTs, SEPTAs and Acelas!


Thank you!!

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