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Most scenic route?


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Brighton, farock (A), dyre and the (J). Even though most of the outdoor portion of the (J) line goes though inner city/ghetto areas its still senic IMO, that route has a nice gritty feel to it esp when the line was 100% R42.

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I love the IRT Flushing line, not only for the view, but for the variety of people who enter and exit the train. I like the Brighton Line, the J/M run over Broadway and the Williamsburg Bridge and I really enjoy the Astoria Line as well.

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I love the Pelham Line of course...but I think an unsung hero is the (1). You usually don't hear people talking about it in terms of beauty, but it has some amazing views of the Harlem and Hudson Rivers.

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The only thing I like about the Pelham line is the curve at Whitlock Avenue. Other than that, its boring and dull ride along the way. As for the (1), I haven't been on that stretch of track since 2006.

Well the only good views from the 1 could be seen from 207th to 225th, after that, I don't know.

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(A) via rockaways

(B)(Q) via Brighton

(D) via West End

(F) via Culver

(J)(Z) via Jamaica Av

(M) via Myrtle Av

(L) via Canarsie

(N)(W) via Astoria

(S) via Franklin Av

(S) via Rockaways


(1) via Broadway (Upper Manhattan and the Bronx)

(2)(5) ((2) via White Plains Rd, (5) to/from Dyer Ave)

(3) to/from New Lots Av

(4) via Jerome Av

(6) via Pelham

(7) via Flushing


(SIR) via Staten Island.

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