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MTA New York City Transit Announces MetroCard Grace Periods For May 31st Fare Change

MTR Admiralty

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I'll guess I'll put this here:


MTA New York City Transit Announces MetroCard Grace Periods For May 31st Fare Change


Customers who purchase a 1-Day Fun Pass, 7-Day, 14-Day or 30-Day Unlimited MetroCard prior to the scheduled May 31st fare change, and use them for the first time no later than June 8th, will receive all of the unlimited travel they are entitled to. Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards are not affected and can be used normally after the increase.


1-Day Fun Passes purchased prior to May 31, 2009 will be valid through June 8th. 7-Day unlimited cards will be valid through June 14th, and 14-Day Unlimited Cards will be valid through June 21st. 30-Day Unlimited MetroCards purchased prior to May 31st will be valid through July 7, 2009.


For those customers who use Unlimited-ride cards purchased prior to May 31st for the first time on June 9th or thereafter, and find themselves with unused or partially used cards after July 7th can send in the card for a cash refund. Refunds for partially used cards will be made on a pro-rated basis; unused cards will be refunded in full. Customers can send in their partially or unused cards to MetroCard Customer Claims by picking up a self-addressed, postage-paid business reply envelope at subway station booths.


Customers can also take this opportunity to sign up for the EasyPayXpress MetroCard, the MetroCard that refills itself automatically. The EasyPayXpress MetroCard is good for two years, which eliminates the need for multiple card purchases, and that's good for the environment. Customers can use their credit card, debit card or pre-tax transportation benefits card to sign up for EasyPayXpress, and choose either the 30-Day Unlimited Ride or Pay-Per-Ride option. All account transactions can be reviewed on line on a secured website. And there's no loss if the card is lost or stolen.


Customers interested in information about EasyPayXpress can visit http://www.mta.info for complete details.


Grace Period and Refund Information for Unlimited Ride MetroCard

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School doesn't provide it. School only provides one-time use, :).

Okay, then that's good. Might as well stock up for yourself and your parents. Plus, it will makes some use for railfanning.


They should start posting these posters up at subway stations soon, regarding the grace period.

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