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R160 R and V Train Announcements

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Yep the (MTA) put R160's on the R and V trains. And I got announcements for them. The R160 V was from Friday and the R160 R was from Saturday. Sound quality isnt the best though.... but its something.




I didn't get a chance to get a pic since I had no camera that day so I just had to you random pictures I had taken.

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Everybody keeps saying this, and I don't know if it has been officially planned from inside sources (I haven't heard that), but as a long OPTO line (unlike the shuttles), it shoudl have the 160's, with the autmoatic announcements, more comfortable cab arrangement (including where the door controls are located, the controller, the seat, etc), and an enabler system designed for OPTO (it disables itself when zoned from the T/O position, so you don't have to use it).


The 68's should stay on the (:D(D)(Q) where they are. The (G) could use 160's whether it is transferred to CI or stays at Jamaica.

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If anything, the (G) would be running 160's. The 68/A's aren't well suited for OPTO. Also, I would like to know your sources regarding the (G)'s move to CIY.


As for those announcements R160 Maniac, I'm not convinced. I am very familiar with audio editing programs.

Not only that, if a R or a V train ran R160s IN ACTUAL SERVICE, we would see a flood of photos everywhere. As of today, the 30th of April, I have yet to see a single photo of the R running R160s in service.

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For the R160 V train, its possible, not sure, that it was a c/r who could've messed up the rollsign. Its happened. I also found R160 V pics, but it turned out this also was the fault of the c/r. It was most likey a R160 F signed as a V by mistake, and I was fooled.

Found these (not mine): downsized0419090324.jpg



As for the (R), i saw what I saw. Never asked anyone to believe me.

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