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Regarding Glen St and Oyster Bay Stations


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I ask this question at Railroad.net but I still cannot understand about these stations.


Since there are no bus to Oyster Bay Railroad Museum, I plan to catch Oyster Bay train at Glen St by walking from last stop on N21 to station, and return to Glen St for N21.

I am confused with both station. Both stations only has one side platform, which means Oyster Bay-bound and NYC-bound stops at same platform?

If possible, can you help me, please.

Thank you.

Please help.

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Depending on what time you are traveling, you may want to look at an N27 schedule as well. Failing that, just remember that (as it is now), the one-way railroad fare for travel within Nassau County is $2.25.


My suggestion? Train it directly from Mineola.

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