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Stimulated SEPTA wakes from survival mode.


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I'll just say, that.... I am very happy that :septa: is finally getting enough funding to both expand and increase service in its budget planning documentation.


Of interest i saw re-activation of service to quakertown via bethlehem branch as an "on the table" project. Of further interest is the words diesel, and rail in the same paragraph.... :eek:!!!


As someone who has lived with personal impact from and media coverage of :septa:'s tragic lack of funds their whole life, this is earth shattering (good) news. As a member of DVARP, seeing these ideas dusted off and taken out for a "hum, can we do this" spin brings me great thrills and excitement. :tup:


(NJT) rail is lucky. :septa: rail has always played second fiddle to the bus division.


The opening of the interstate system and the turnpike in pennsylvania, some of which clearly attempted to mimic the routes of the rails so thoughtfully planned out by others many decades earlier, namely the reading and pennsylvania railroads, meant that it put the car and the train in direct competition with each other. We all know what all most happened next.


Thankfully that didn't happen and the trains are still running. For the longest time, it seems really forever, that :septa: struggled to keep its rail lines going. Going on inherited equipment on neglected rails and being kept in yards that had seen better days.


Perhaps 200 years after the first train left philadelphia, we can not only honor that memory, but build upon it, making a better future for everyone in the region. :P


- A

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