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You Need To Be Over 18 To Go On Nostalgia Fan Trips!?

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I just spoke to Luz,the person whos in charge of the Nostalgia trips at the NYCTM and she told me that I cant go on any of the fan trips because im under 18,unless accompanied by someone over 18. I was told by some people on here that they went on trips before w/o being accomponied and they never had a problem and there under 18! I dont undestand how they went! Now I have no one that I can go with thats over 18,and now I cant go. :cry:

What do you think about this?

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Are you sure you can't find ANYONE over 18 (I am not volunteering, I'm just saying there must be someone you could ask)?


If not, try paying the adult price. The worst that can happen is you are right back where you are now.

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Kris Datta and MTR Admirality are two of the smartest people I know and neither of them are 18. This is a stupid rule.


I'm not sure, but they may want people under 18 to have an adult with them for safety or liability reasons and so hopefully they don't have 20 or so unsupervised kids running around and doing things they should not be doing.

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