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What cars were on the A line today


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7 cars? wonder why the odd amount of cars. i know that one of the R6's (1000, i think) is still being refurbed, and when it's done, they can make the arnine train a standard 8 cars (finally)

A list of all arnines on property:


The numbers of the cars are:


100, 103 (non-operable, owned by Railway Preservation Corp.), 381 R1

401 (often carrying different numbers), 484 R4

923 and 925 (Owned by Railway Preservation Corp. with no plans to restore yet), 1000 (being rebuilt), 1300 R6

1575 rebuilt R7A

1802 R9


The other cars are located at the following locations:


R1: 175 is at Seashore Trolley Museum.

R4: 800 is at Seashore Trolley Museum, 825 is at the New York Trolley Museum.

R6: 978 is at Golden's Deli, in the Staten Island Mall, 983 is on private property in Jacksonville, FL. It is being used as a storage shed. 1144 is at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, England, United Kingdom.

R7: 1440 is at Seashore Trolley Museum.

R9: 1689 is at Shore Line Trolley Museum and is in operable condition, and 1801 is at New York State Museum.

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