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04-25-09 BERA Members Day Trolley Photos

Fred G

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Nice! :cool:


Yes, this is the proper place to put them. :tup:


- A


Thanks A!


Nice find!

I like the N.O. trolley car.


Thanks, that is a cool one.


Love them man! And they brought out the PCC!:tup::cool:


Oh hell yeah, with all those NYer's up there, they wouldn't dare just garage the thing B)


Nice pix of the Trolleys, they look all so round and cute, :)!


Haha, thanks!


Excellent pic sir Fred:tup:


Thank you Curtis :);)

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Great shots Fred! What do you shoot with btw?


Thanks, kaback9. I'm using a Nikon D700 with mostly a 17-35 f2.8 and a 35-70 f2.8, and less often a 70-200 f2.8.

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