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Another Accident Along Route 47


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SPRING GARDEN - April 30, 2009 - (WPVI) -- Rescuers are on the scene of an accident involving a SEPTA bus in the Spring Garden section of Philadelphia.

Investigators say, just before 5:30 p.m., a 12-year-old boy was hit by the bus at 12th and Wallace streets.

Police say the boy was taken to Jefferson Hospital with critical injuries. The investigation into what happened is underway. Stay with 6abc.com and Action News as this story develops


In the comments, they say it was actually a girl


Also, How on Earth did this happen? Buswizard and I were at Broad and Spring Garden from like... 5:20ish to 6:00 (don't ask), there was no mention of someone getting ran over or someone getting hit or anything! How many :septa: related accidents will happen within the week?

And why don't people talk about things anymore?

And how on earth do Ambulances go.... o wait, i do remember the ambulance speeding down the street. and buswizard complaining... wait no, that was every other day B)

I hope that SEPTA doesn't have too many more accidents B)


Aslo posted here: http://dashweb.co.cc/index.php?topic=42.msg102;topicseen#new

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Hey, you can't blame the drivers, if the pedestrians are jaywalking in front of the buses.


Not blaming the drivers. People here think they can just cross whenever wherever. They think the transit bus is a school bus that stops for every tom dick & jane that can't keep their feet on the curb for a few extra moments.


- A

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