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A link to you from this website

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If you have a website, forum, blog or anything else you want linked from here please post the URL in this thread. I will link to your website from here.


Keep discussions to a minimum in this thread please.

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http://www.kenstransitgifs.com/ - My site and forum, being updated frequently.


I have two sites:


http://simulatorplayground.comli.com/ - Simulator Playground. Discussion of simulators, etc.


http://hackmyconsole.com - For console related homebrew, modifications, discussions, etc.


Here is mine: http://thejunction.smfforfree3.com/index.php

Is called "Junction XD" now.


Thanks Harry for doing this :P


here's mine: http://dashweb.co.cc

Thanks dude, i'm going to link to all of your sites as well :cool:


I have a blog, it is http://maten.xanga.com


http://error46146.bvestation.com/buspics/ here's my lovely bus page i made lol


and also don't forget about BVEStation =D


The links module has been updated with links to your websites. :tup:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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