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Hitting the BMT Eastern lines 5/1 (56K warning)

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Here's the rest.


















And checking a little of the BMT Broadway Line on (N)(W)








That's it. I went with Urbanfortitude and R160B8713 on this trip.

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Nice pics! It was nice meeting you. I'll post up my photos later on this same thread, I'm still organizing them right now.


Thank you, it was good seeing you too, it was raining a bit hard though, I can't wait to see your photos here too.


Nice shots. Gotta love NTT all around.


Thank you, I've seen loads of N.T.T.s already, and they're performing better here too.




Thanks a lot.


Nice photos!


Thank you very much.

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Nice pix on the (J)(L)(M)(Z) Lines, lookin' nice, :)!


Also, great clicks on the (N) and (W) lines, :)!


Thank you, well the only downer to this was that it was raining really hard, and most of the passengers had to duck for cover because they did not get wet. The (N) and (W) was extra.


Brilliant shots!


Thanks a lot, man. I'm glad you like the photographs. Taking photos in a cloudy and rainy day can be a challenge for me sometimes.




Thank you very much.

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Excellent shots of the (J)(L)(M)(N)(W) trains....keep them coming:tup:


Thank you very much, I will photograph those lines again when I get another chance to check those out. I wanted to get my best shots on the (L) because it's been a while since I've ridden that line. I hope it's better weather next time around, it was raining hard and I ended up very wet.

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Nice job with the photos, Kris. I see you have extras, on the (E)(R) and (Z) lines, as well as the (3). My (3) photos overhead at Livonia Avenue didn't come out that great, but you did a great job capturing them, wonderful job! You did capture me in some of your photos too, hehe.


For anyone curious to see the other photos I took but didn't post, please click on the blue sentence: Click here to see the rest of my album from that day of the (J)(L)(M)..

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Nice, clear and awesome pix on the (J)(L)(M)(Z) and (3)(E)(R) Lines, :o!


Thank you, well the (3) was over the (L) so Kris got that, I didn't my film and batteries ran out.


Nice pics guys on the Brooklyn - Manhattan Transportation Corp Lines :)


Thanks a lot, it was a lot of fun, but it was raining hard and we all got wet that day :)


You got the 3 stooges well!


Thanks, you mean the (J)(L)(M) as stooges, right? I hope I understood you correctly.

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