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Whuch year would u go back to, to see the different subway cars?

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1904: To ride the IRT subway as it originally was (in the S shape) and to ride all of Brooklyn and Manhattan's Elevated lines

1915 - 1924: To ride all dual contract lines when new

1940: Ride the entire IND subway

1960-1969: Ride the R27 - R42 When New

1977: See the subway in its dark ages

1993: Ride the R30's one last time

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60's- To see the R32s and R38s when new and photograph them with my camera.

70's- To see and photograph the R44s and R46s.

80's- To see and photograph the R62s, R62As, R68s, and R68As when new as well as the Post GOH Cars.

90's- To photograph trains with the World Trade Center in it.

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I'd go back to around the early 2000s, just to see the time when the R142As were just being integrated into the system.


And of course I'd love to go back to the 1920s, and ride the classier, elegant train sets.

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1950's...all the old stuff still running, brand new SMEE cars and most of the elevated lines still intact. Three baseball teams in NYC, good economic time, lots of things going on and plenty of places to go that aren't around anymore or just aren't what they used to be.

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Head Back to 2003 and ride the R36 1 last time on the (7)


Head to 1979 the release of the JFK Express


Head back to 1964 which was the Worlds Fair yr. R33WF/R36WF orginial colors


1955 for the 3rd Ave El and 1973 for the Northern 3rd Ave El before it closes


Go to 1904 and ride the First Subway train in the (NYCT) the IRT from City hall to 137th! =)!



BTW Harrys rule says not to cap all of your text...


Which year would you go back to to see the subway cars of that time. I d go back 2 1986 when they had the overhauled R 10'S AND WHEN THEY STARTED getting r68 and r62/a(NYCT)
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I'd go back to.....

1903-1940: to see all the els when they were all intact

1964: To see the World's Fair R-33s/R-36s when new

1969: to take one last ride on the BMT Q cars

1973: To see the subway at the beginning of the years of decay

1978/79: To see the climax of the decay

1984-1990: To see all the cars after they were cleaned up, but before they were overhauled, to see the dawn of the Redbirds, the End of the R-10, the (9)(H)(K)(Q6)<R>(JFK) trains, Greenbirds (and other Colorbirds, if any), and much more!

2001-2003: To see the Redbirds die out

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I would go to 1979. That's when the TA had all the great cars running (except the R44 and R46.) The R10-21's were still running, the R26-R42's were all in it's original color and shape. It was fun back then, because I remember, I could go to the front car of every line, except the E,F, and a few on the A and N lines and look out the window. That was fun.

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