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Way Cool HyRail Truck

Fred G

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WOW! :tup:


- A


Wow...thats something you don't see everyday!


I've seen photos of it but it's eye-popping to see in person. Now I wanna drive it sometime, track or not! :)

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Hey Stop Taking photos of my car :P! JK Nice shots and great catch Fred!


Haha, thanks.


Nice catch.. Who knows if its rare =P!


Hehe I'd like to see more of them.


Nice catch, and this is one of a kind for railroading cars. I really like how it brings the good ol' days to the newer better days' rails.


Yeah it's a 1966 IINM






Did that store across the way have anything to do with this vehicle? :cool:


- A


Haha, I doubt it, they seem kinda Hallmark to me.

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