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My attempt on visiting 468 subway stations

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On April 16, I attempted a trial run for the Rapid Transit Challenge Class C record. I planning in the near future to do a full attempt for the record. Here what I did for my trial run.


Started at Rockaway Park Station and ended at New Lots Avenue Station


Boarded the Broad Channel Bound (S) train at Rockaway Park Station at 12:21am. Arrived at Broad Channel at 12:29am. Boarded the Far Rockaway Bound (A) Train at 12:44am. Arrived at Far Rockaway at 12:57am. Boarded the 168th St bound (A) train to Rockaway Blvd at 1:00am. Arrived at Rockaway Blvd at 1:26am. Boarded the Lefferts Blvd bound (S) train at 1:38am. Arrived at Lefferts Blvd at 1:43am. Boarded the Brooklyn bound (S) train at 1:45am. Arrived at Euclid Av at 1:55am for a quick transfer to a 168th St bound (A) train that left the station at 1:55am. Arrived at Utica Av at 2:06am. Boarded the Far Rockaway bound (A) train at 2:20am. Arrived at Broadway Junction at 2:24am. Boarded the Rockway Parkway bound (L) train at 2:42am. Arrived at Rockaway Parkway at 2:50am. Boarded the Manhattan Bound (L) train at 3:10am. Arrived at 8th Av-14th St at 3:49am. Boarded the 168th St bound (A) train at 4:00am. Arrived at 168th St at 4:27am. Boarded the Bronx bound (1) train at 4:40am. Arrived at 242nd St at 4:57am. Boarded the South Ferry bound (1) train at 4:59am. Arrived at Times Sq at 5:35am. Boarded the Queens bound (7) train at 5:40am. Arrived at Queensboro Plaza at 5:50am. Boarded the Queens bound (N) train at 5:54am. Arrived at Ditmars Blvd at 6:10am. Boarded the Coney Island bound (N) train at 6:11am. Arrived at Queensboro Plaza at 6:19am. Boarded the Queens bound (7) train at 6:24am. Arrived at Main St at 6:50am. Boarded the Times Sq bound (7) train at 6:59am. Arrived at 74th St-Broadway at 7:12am. Boarded the 2nd Av bound (V) train at 7:19am. Arrived at Court Sq at 7:31am. Boarded the Smith-9th St bound (G) train at 7:37am. Arrived at Hoyt-Schermerhorn St at 7:58am. Boarded the 168th St bound (A) train at 8:00am. Arrived at High St at 8:04am. Boarded the Euclid Av bound (C) train at 8:05am. Arrived at Utica Av at 8:18am. Boarded the 168th St bound (C) train at 8:24am. Arrived at Franklin Av at 8:29am. With a quick run I was able to catch the 8:31am (S) train. Arrived at Franklin Av-Eastern Parkway at 8:35am. Boarded the Brooklyn College bound (2) train at 8:41am. Arrived at Flatbush Av-Brooklyn College at 8:57am. Boarded the Wakefield Bound (2) train at 8:58am. Arrived at Franklin Av at 9:10am. Boarded the New Lots Bound (3) train at 9:15am. The (3) train I was on made express stops between Franklin Av and Utica Av. Arrived at New Lots Av at 9:33am.


I got little tired from riding the trains and called it a day but I strongly feel that I can beat the record. I just planning things for for my real attempt and looking for people that is willing to go along with me during the record attempt and/or be a witness for the trip. I took some pictures during my trial attempt and I have to scan them to my computer.


Sidenotes during the trial run: All the (A) trains I rode were R44s. The Lefferts Blvd Shuttle is marked with a Yellow S train and it was an R44. All 1 and 7 trains were R62A's. The 3 train I was on was a R62 but made express stops between Franklin Av and Utica Av. During the day of the trial run all (A) trains went to 168th St and had to transfer to a shuttle train to 207th St.


I will keep everyone posted when I do my record attempt.

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Well damn....I don't know you did it. Good luck:tup:

Thanks I was planning to do the full attempt that day but I had a hard time getting witnesses and media coverage during my record attempt. Hopefully sometime later this month or June I do the full attempt.

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