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05/04/09- 167 IRT Stations- I did it!

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Sorry to make another thread because I don`t feel like searching through the post. I finnaly I did 167 IRT stations due to Cortlandt St station is closed.


I left (MTA) Long Island bus schedule, so I wouldn`t do bus.

Thanks to perfect timing of Q72 and Q48, here is my trip report and detail. To prove, I will right down the order of stops my train stop.

I was inside the subway system at whole time.

I only use restroom twice.

As I did, my starting and finish line was Flushing-Main St.

(7) local #1820 to Times Sq- front departed 9:58:13.

1. Mets-Willets Point.

2. 111th St-Corona Plaza

3. 103rd St

4. Junction Blvd

5. 90th St-Elmhurst Av

6. 82nd St-Jackson Heights

7. 74th St-Broadway

8. 69th St-Fisk Av

9. 61st St-Woodside.

10. 52nd St-Lincoln Av

11. 46th St-Bliss St

12. 40th St-Lowerly St

13. 33rd St-Rawson St

14. Queensboro Plaza.

15. 45th Rd-Court House Sq.

16. Hunters Point Av

17. Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av.

18. Grand Central

Arrive Grand Central 10:31:13.

3-car (S) #1951 (front) to Times Sqmade as I read the #1936 (middle), 1956 (rear) with Vitamin Water AD departed 10:33:38.

19. Times Square.

Arrive Times Sq at 10:34:14.


I used quick restroom and just in time, caught Harlem-bound (3) #1555 (front) departed 10:37:32.

20. 72nd St

21. 96th St

22. Central Park North-110th St

"Attention, you must be in first five cars of this train in order to get off at 145th St, 1-4-5. You must walk on platform, ahead of conductor's car. Rear cars will NOT OPEN."

23. 116th St

"Once again, you must be in first five cars of this train in order to get off at 145th St, 1-4-5. You must walk on platform, ahead of conductor's car. Rear cars will NOT OPEN."

24. 125th St

25. 135th St

26. 145th St. T/O was telling cops properly I am very good announcement.

27. Harlem-148th St

Arrive Harlem-148th St @ 10:59:16.

New Lots Av (3) #Unknown (6th Car) departed 11:00:52 departed.

As (3) was arriving Central Park North-110th St, Wakefield-bound (2) was pulling over.

As soon as door open at 11:08:57, I made to 2nd car of (2) #6456, then departed 11:09:02 as I move to front #6465.

28. 149th St-Grand Concourse

29. 3rd Av-149th St

30. Jackson Av

31. Prospect Av

32. Intervale Av

33. Simpson St

34. Freeman St

35. 174th St

36. West Farms Sq-E Tremont Av

37. E. 180th St

38. Bronx Park East.

39. Pelham Parkway- no Bx12(+).

At Pelham Parkway, I saw (3) flying northbound on express track.

40. Allerton Av

41. Burke Av

42. Gun Hill Rd

When door open, (2) C/O said, "Attention, ladies & gentlemen! This train will be going express to 241st St. Next arriving train will make all stops. Next and last stop on this train is 241st St. It honk as it fly past local stations to Wakefield-241st St.

43. Wakefield-241st St.

Arrive 241st St @ 11:50:15.

I made to front car Brooklyn-bound (2) #6610 (same train I got off) departed 10:51:28.

44. Nereid Av

45. 233rd St

46. 225th St

47. 219th St.

Arrive E. 180th St @ 12:07:05.

I made it to front car of Dyre Av (5) #6545 departed 12:09:19.

48. Morris Park.

49. Pelham Parkway- Bx12(+) Announcement.

50. Gun Hill Rd

51. Baychester Av

52. Eastchester-Dyre Av.

Arrive Dyre Av @ 12:23:31.

Bowling Green-bound (#5) front #6301 departed 12:27:38 with Bx12(+) Announcement at Pelham Parkway, arriving 149th St-Grand Concourse @ 12:59:03.

Woodlawn (4) front #7076 departed 13:06:18.

53. 161st St-Yankees Stadium

54. 167th St

55. 170th St

56. Mt Eden Av

57. 176th St

58. Burnside Av

59. 183rd St

60. Fordham Rd with Bx12(+) Announcement.

61. Kingsbridge Rd

62. Bedford Park Blvd-Lehman College

63. Mosholu Parkway

64. Woodlawn.

Arrive Woodlawn @ 13:27:37.

Crown Heights (4) front #7151 departed 13:29:49.

65. 138th St-Grand Concourse

66. 125th St

Arrive 125th St @ 13:53:45.

Caught Pelham Bay Park <6> EXP #7290 departed 14:01:11.

67. 3rd Av-138th St

68. Hunts Point Av

69. Parkchester-E. 177th St

70. Castle Hill Av

71. Zerega Av

72. Westchester Sq-E. Tremont Av

73. Middletown Rd

There was slow delay with C/O telling us, "ladies & gentlemen! We have train in ahead of us. Please be patient.

Few minutes after, we move in.

74. Buhre Av

It stop at five stops before reaching terminal.

75. Pelham Bay Park with Bx12(+) Announcement.

Arrive Pelham Bay Park @ 14:30:04.

I got on Brooklyn Bridge (6) front #7245 departed 14:31:09.

76. St. Lawrence Av

77. Morrison-Soundview Avs

78. Elder Av

79. Whitlock Av

80. Longwood Av

81. E. 149th St

82. E. 143rd St-St. Mary`s St

83. Cypress Av

84. Brook Av

85. 116th St

86. 110th St

87. 103rd St

88. 96th St

89. 86th St

90. 77th St

91. 68th St-Hunters College

92. 59th St.

93. 51st St

94. 33rd St

95. 28th St

96. 23rd St

97. 14th St-Union Square.

After the announcement at 14th St-Union Square, there was gap message on SUBWAY. Anyone heard that?

98. Astor Place

99. Bleecker St

100. Spring St

101. Canal St

102. Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall.

Arrive Brooklyn Bridge @ 15:37:46 just in time with Crown Heights (4) #1116 departed 15:38:46.

103. Fulton St

104. Wall St

105. Bowling Green

106. Borough Hall

107. Nevins St

108. Atlantic Av

109. Franklin Av

110. Crown Heights-Utica Av.

Arrive Utica Av @ 16:05:34.

It was crowded on (3) track, but got on front #1586 New Lots Av-bound (3) departed 16:09:29.

As it was approaching Sutter Av-Rutland Rd, C/O, "Ladies & Gentlemen! Due to signal problem, after Sutter Av, this trains will be only stopping at Junius St and Van Siclen Av. Train behind us will make all stops to New Lots Av."

111. Sutter Av-Rutland Rd. Lots of people got off.

Same repeated announce at Sutter Av, and it became skip-stop.

112. Junius St.

113. Van Siclen Av

114. New Lots Av.

Arrive New Lots Av @ 16:21:47.

Harlem-bound (3) #1361 departed 16:22:12.

113. Pennsylvania Av.

114. Rockaway Av

115. Saratoga Av.

At Crown Heights-Utica Av, I saw the (5) train.

116. Kingston Av

117. Nostrand Av

Arrive Franklin Av @ 16:38:12.

I caught front car of Brooklyn College (5)#7046 w/ Bx12(+) on strip map departed 16:41:42.

118. President St

119. Sterling St.

120. Winthrop St.

121. Church Av

122. Beverly Rd

123. Newkirk Av

124. Brooklyn College-Flatbush Av

Arrive Brooklyn College @ 16:54:07 and rush to northbound track and use restroom and caught Wakefield-bound (2) front car #6535 with Bx12(+) on strip map departed 17:00:06.

125. Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum.

126. Grand Army Plaza

127. Bergen St

128. Hoyt St

129. Clark St

130. Wall St

131. Park Place

132. Chambers St

133. 14th St

134. 34th St-Penn Station.

Arrive 96th St @ 17:51:33.

242nd St-bound (1) #1830 departed 17:54:47.

135. 103rd St.

136. 110th St-Cathedral Parkway

137. 116th St

138. 125th St

139. 137th St-City College

140. 145th St

141. 157th St

142. 168th St-Washington Heights

143. 181st St

144. 191st St

145. Dyckman St

146. 207th St

147. 215th St

148. Marble Hills-225th St.

149. 231st St.

"Ladies & Gentlemen, there is train trying to get into terminal. Sorry for inconvience and be patient.

150. 238th St.

151. Van Cortlandt Park-242nd St.

Arrive 242nd St @ 18:34:54.

Next, I got on 6th car of South Ferry-bound (1) #1880 departed 18:35:38.

At Dyckman St, C/O said, "Ladies & Gentlemen! This train will be going express to 168th, 137th Sts due to train behind schedule. Train behind us will make all stop.

At 168th St-Washington Heights, lots of passenger got off.

"Ladies & Gentlemen! Next stop on this train is 137th St. Train behind us make all local stops."

At 137th St, it went local.

152. 86th St

153. 79th St

154. 66th St-Lincoln Center

155. 59th St-Columbus Circle

156. 50th St

At 34th St-Penn Station, "Attention passengers, due to train behind schedule, next stop will be 14th St." Lots of passenger got off.

Then at 14th St, it became normal lo6425cal.

157. Christopher St-Sheridan Sq

158. Houston St

159. Canal St

160. Franklin St

161. Rector St

162. South Ferry

Arrive South Ferry @ 19:28:26.

I got front of Bronx-bound (1) #1876 departed 19:32:37.

Arrive Chambers St @ 19:36:40 and got on Bronx-bound (2) #6425 with Bx12(+) on strip map departed 19:36:48.

Arrive 14th St @ 19:39:44.

Got on same #1876 on (1) departed 19:42:39.

163. 18th St.

164. 23rd St.

165. 28th St.

Arrive Times Sq @ 19:48:32.

I just miss the <7> express, but next (7) local pulling on EXP pull in.

Flushing <7> EXP #2040 (front) departed 19:56:29.

166. 5th Av-Bryant Park

167. Flushing-Main St.

Reach Flushing-Main St @ 20:25:13.

Finish line.

Total hour: 10 hours and 27 minutes!

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I try to type gap announcement at 14th St, but it was so sudden.

I tried today to see if I could catch announcement.

I not sure exactly, I think it was.

"This is 14th St-Union Square. Transfer is available to (4)(5)(L)(N)(Q)(R)(W). As you exit the train, please watch the gap between the platform and train."

Can someone corrected?

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yea your right for the gap announcment...i hear it everyday on my way to school, its...

"This is 14th Street-Union Square. Transfer is available to the (6)(L)(N)(Q)(R) and (W) trains.(3 second pause) Ladies and gentlemen, as you exit please be careful of the gap between the platform and the train." :cool:

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