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MCI Classics

Novabus 5000

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We at Liberty never had run boxes, usually you knew what run a bus was on based on the bus. We have a bus pick, so you would have same bus every day and the supervisors knew the trip. We had less than half the the supervision we have now and things ran better from the public's point of view before the MTA, Well at least for Liberty Exp. and New York Bus. Express Classics didn't need run boxes as they were pretty clock work and you knew the bus went with the run even at Baisley Park. Run boxes were for supervision and there was no supervision outside of road cars and PM rush at 23rd or26th sts. for us and NYBS(NYCT)

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Speaking of MCI classics, what ever happend to the ones at ECH storage? I went there last month I noticed they were all gone.


You don't wanna know where they're at....trust me.

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