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Silverliner V's

Far Rock Depot

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As of March of 2007 can't verify how accurate it is.


Silverliner V (120 cars)


The Silverliner V contract will result in 120 new Regional Rail cars which will replace the 73 Silverliner II and III cars. The contract calls for 34 single units and 35 married pairs, plus an option for an additional 16 cars to handle ridership growth.


The builder will be United Transit Systems, LLC, a consortium of Sojitz Corporation of America and Rotem Company. Final assembly will take place at the site of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. An outside engineering consultant, STV Inc., will be contracted to manage the engineering and constructin of the project.


The design includes larger windows, quarter point doors with 3 boarding streams for high level platforms and 2 boarding streams for low level platforms, 2+2 seating in the section between the doors, space for two wheelchars, electronic destination signs, automated train announcements, and a passenger emergency intercom. Switching the doors between low level and high level platforms may be done with hinged trap doors, or with a completely different system.




The propulsion system will be designed to run on 11,500 volt AC power at 25 Hertz, with the ability to run on 12,500 AC power at 60 Hertz. It will also be designed for the future addition of a tap changer switch to allow it to run on 25,000 volt 60 Hertz power. The cars will be capable of reaching 100 mph from a standing start within 4 miles of running on straight track. The regenerative braking system will be able to feed current back into the catenary.


The empty weight of a single-unit car will be 137,000 pounds, and each car of a married pair will be 135,000 pounds. The cars will be fully functional in trains of up to 12 Silverliner V cars. They will also be able to operate in mixed consists with Silverliner IV cars, but this is only for emergency or shop moves.






The single-unit cars will be numbered starting from 701, and the married pairs will be numbered starting from 801.


Original bidding on this contract took place in 2004, but a lawsuit from one of the bidders resulted in a new round of bids taken in Auguest, 2005. The contract was awarded to UTS in March 2006, and the delivery of 3 pilot cars is due September 2008, with complete delivery of all cars in March 2010.



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