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Your Favorite Stations

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Hey guys


So wondering, what are your favorite stations throughout the system? Here are mine (btw I'm talking about the line platform, not the entire station complex, i.e. Times Square, IRT platform, but not the rest of the station)


57th Street 7th Avenue (N)(Q)(R)(W)

5th Avenue 59th Street (N)(R)(W)

Grand Central 42nd Street and 86th Street (4)(5)(6)

Times Square 42nd Street, 34th Street Penn Station, 72nd Street and 96th Street (1)(2)(3)

23rd Street, 18th Street and Cathedral Parkway and 59th Street 116th Street (1)

Union Square, First Avenue, Third Avenue Morgan Avenue, Lorimer Street and Montrose Avenue (L)

8th Street (R)(W)

59th Street (N)(R)

9th Avenue (D) (and the abandoned lower level, which the BMT Culver line used until 1954, and the Culver Shuttle until 1975)

Coney Island (D)(F)(N)(Q)

Broad Street, Fulton Street and Canal Street (J)(M)(Z)

77th Street, 96th Street, and 110th Street (6)

Avenue J and Avenue H (Q)

Botanical Garden (S)

36th Street (D)(M)(N)(R)

Wall and Fulton Street (4)(5)

Rector Street, Canal Street, Christopher Street/Sheridan Square, and Houston Street (1)

Sheepshead Bay (:)(Q)

Woodlawn and Mosholu Parkway (4)

Dyre Avenue and Gun Hill Road (5)

Bay Parkway (F)

West 8th Street (F)(Q)

Atlantic Avenue (2)(3)(4)(5)



BTW I had to combine some of them because it only allows 50 images per post.


EDIT: I cut down my list

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4th Avenue-9th Street/9th Street-4th Avenue(F)(M)(R)

Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue (D)(F)(N)(Q)

Smith-9th Streets (F)(G)

36th Street-4th Avenue (D)(M)(N)(R)

9th Avenue (D)(M)

Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets (A)(C)(G)

Franklin Avenue (IRT and IND) (2)(3)(4)(5)(A)(C)(S)

Broadway Junction, Atlantic Avenue, Sutter Avenue, Livonia Avenue, New Lots Avenue, East 105th Street and Canarsie-Rockaway Parkway (L)

Broadway Junction (Eastern Parkway and Broadway-East New York) (A)(C)(J)(Z)

Marcy Avenue and Myrtle Avenue-Broadway (J)(M)(Z)

Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenues (L)(M)

161st Street-Yankee Stadium (4)(:)(D)

Whitlock Avenue, Westchester Square-East Tremont Avenue and Middletown Road (6)

125th Street (Lexington Avenue and Broadway) (1)(4)(5)(6)

Essex Street-Delancey Street (F)(J)(M)(Z)


That's it for now...even though there's more!

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Here's mines:


Jamaica Center (E)(J)(Z)

179th Street (F)

42nd St - PABT (A)(C)(E)

104th St - Oxford Ave - (A)

Rockaway Blvd - (A)

C.I - Stillwell (D)(F)(N)(Q)

Brighton Beach (Q)(:)

Mytrle Av - (J)(M)(Z)

Woodhaven Blvd - (J)

Grand Central - (4)(5)(6)(S)


That's all for now.

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East 105th Street (L)

4th Avenue (F)

Smith 9th Street (F)(G)

50th Street Lower Level (E)

21st Street/Queensbridge (F)

42nd Street/PABT (A)(C)(E)

Jay Street (A)(C)(F)

East Tremont Avenue (2)(5)


And on the (NJT):

Rahway :nec::njc:

Metuchen :nec:

New Brunswick :nec:

Aberdeen-Matawan :njc:

Perth Amboy :njc:

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Guest Charles

Ozone Park (A)

Broad Channel (A)(S)

Van Cortlandt Park (1)

Washington Heights-168 St (A)(C)(1)

75 Avenue (E)(F)

Pelham Bay Park (6)<6>

Queensbridge (F)

Lexington Av-59 St (N)(R)(W)(4)(5)(6)

149 St-Grand Concourse (2)(4)(5)

Crescent Street (J)(Z)

Queensboro Plaza (7)(N)(W)


There's a couple of more though...

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Jay Street (A)(C)(F)

West 4th Street (A)(C)(E)(:)(D)(F)(V)

Chambers Street WTC (A)(C)(E)

Hoyt-Schermerhorn Street (A)(C)(G)

7th Ave (F)

Bedford-Nostrand (G)

As you can see, I like my IND subway stations.

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Jay Street (A)(C)(F)

West 4th Street (A)(C)(E)(:)(D)(F)(V)

Chambers Street WTC (A)(C)(E)

Hoyt-Schermerhorn Street (A)(C)(G)

7th Ave (F)

Bedford-Nostrand (G)

As you can see, I like my IND subway stations.


I'm more of BMT and IRT guy, not a big fan of the IND.

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Brighton Beach (:)(Q)

Ocean Parkway (Q)

NY Aquarium-West 8 St (F)(Q)

Coney Island-Stillwell Av (D)(F)(N)(Q)

Kings Highway (B)(Q)

Gravesend-Avenue X (F)

Gravesend-86 St (N)

New Utrecht Av-62 St (D)(M)

DeKalb Av (B)(M)(Q)(R)

Sunset Park-36 St/4 Av (D)(M)(N)(R)

Times Square-42 St (N)(Q)(R)(W)

QueensBoro Plaza (N)(W)(7)

Woodside-61 St (7)<7>

Corona-111 St (7)

Grand Central-42 St - Entire Station & all platforms

Carroll Gardens-Smith/9 Sts (F)(G)

Columbus Circle-59 St (1)



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Here's a list of my favorite stations


W 116th Street (:)

W 145th Street (B)(D)

W 8th Street

50th Street (D)

W 125th Street (A)(B)(C)(D)

Pacific Street-Atlantic Avenue (B)(D)(N)(Q)(R)

Brighton Beach (B)(Q)

Bay 50th Street (D)

Ocean Parkway

Bedford Park Blvd (B)(D)

W 34th Street- Herald Square (B)(D)(N)(Q)(R)(W)

W 4th Street (A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F)(V)

Astoria Blvd

Grand Street (B)(D)

W 81st Street

161st Street-Yankees Stadium (B)(D)

Prospect Park

Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue (D)(N)(Q)

62nd Street (D)(N)

W 155th Street (B)(D)

242nd Street-Broadway

W 59th Street (A)(B)(C)(D)

Kings Highway

7th Avenue-W 53rd Street (B)(D)(E)

Sheaphead Bay

205th Street (D)


Thats the list of all my favorite stations

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heres some of mine:

Coney island Stillwell ave

Brighton Beach

west 8 st

Broadway ENY/broadway junction

Franklin Av (A)(C)(S) & (2)(3)(4)<5>

Hoyt & Schermerhorn sts (A)(C)(G)

Kingston av (3)

Atlantic av (2)(3)(4)<5>

New Lots av.(3)

Jay st Borough hall (A)(C)(F)

W 4 st. Wash. Sq (A)(C)(E)(:)(D)(F)(V)

47-50 st Rockfeller ctr

Kingston-Throop avs (C)

E 180 st

149 st Grand Concourse

Mets-Willets pt (7)

Queensboro Plaza

Queens Plaza(E)(G)(R)(V)

Roosevelt av Jackson Heights(E)(F)(G)(R)(V)

Jamaica Ctr Parsons/Archer

Broad Channel

Rockaway Park

Sheepshead Bay

Prospect Park

the old Dean st(S)

Kings Hwy(B)(Q)

125 st (A)(C)(B)(D)

Grand Central 42 st(4)(5)(6)

Kew Gardens Union Turnpike(E)(F)

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Lets see:


174th, West Farms Sq, E180th, Prospect, Gun Hill, 239th (2)(5) | Morris Park (5)

125th (A)(:)(C)(D)(1)

Times SQ-42nd (S)(1)(2)(3)(7)(A)(C)(E) ONLY

Coney Island (D)(F)(N)(Q)

Newkirk/Kings Hwy (B)(Q)

Franklin Ave (S)(A)(C)

Smith 9th (F)(G)

Rockaway Park (A)(S)

Dyckman/207/225th Marble Hill (1)

161st/167th (4)

St. George - SIR

18 Ave/55th Street/9 Avenue (D)(M)

Whitlock Ave (6)

Grand Central (S)(7) ONLY

Court House Sq, Queensboro Plaza, 46th Street, 61st, 74th, Main Street (7)

Astoria Blvd (N)(W)

Queens Plaza (E)(F)(V)(G)(R)

Marcy (J)(M)(Z) | 111st for (J)(Z)

Livonia/Atlantic/ENY (L)


Pretty Much all lines LOL

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Oh wait, I love the entire Brighton Line too - Expirence the feel of LIRR/MNR under 3 bucks with extra-smooth Hippos, :)!


Additional two:

13: West 8th - Aquarium | (B)(F)(Q).

14: Marcy Ave. | (J)(M)(Z).

The B does not stop at the Aquarium.

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West Farms Square/East Tremont Avenue (2)(5)

Allerton Avenue (2)

Lexington Avenue/59 Street (4)(5)(6)(N)(R)(W)

Lexington Avenue/63 Street (F)

Forest Hills/71 Avenue (E)(F)(G)(R)(V)

Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Avenue (E)(F)(G)(R)(V)(7)

Yankee Stadium (4) (:)(D)

East 143 Street/Saint Mary's Street (6)

South Ferry (1)

Bowling Green (4)(5)

Eastchester (5)

Wakefeild (2)

Woodlawn (4)

3 Avenue/149 Street (2)(5)

Harlem (3)

Times Square/Grand Central (A)(C)(E)(N)(Q)(R)(W)(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)

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Here are my favorites, not in any order


Metropolitan Ave (M)

Fresh Pond Road (M)

Myrtle-Wyckoff Aves (M)(L)

Myrtle Ave (M)(J)(Z)

Ditmars Blvd (N)(W)

Queensboro Plaza (N)(W)(7)

9th Ave (D)(M)

Coney Island/Stillwell Ave (D)(F)(N)(Q)

7th Ave/53rd Street (:)(D)(E)

West 4th Street (A)(C)(E)(B)(D)(F)(V)

Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave (E)(F)(R)(V)(7)

Forest Hills/71 Ave (E)(F)(R)(V)

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