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LIB Renumbering List

Busway Flyer

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This might be the hard way BUT if you look on the license plate, you can see the OLD number OR even where the NEW number covers the old one.


As more and more buses are being scrapped, it's hard to actually tell you how to start. Basically I would just go from Orion 05.501 CNG #1699 (ex-Orion 05.501 CNG #462) and start backwards.


Better yet, go to http://www.ttmg.org and check out the MTA Long Island Bus photos. All the photos have been updated with the NEW numbering. Check it out! Also, that should get you started on your renumbering list.

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However...is 1822 still around? All of the 1800s (except for the two cutaways) production buses are retired.


1822 is retired,it was recently retired.

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