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I am resigning from getting Banned & About 05/25/2009 Railfan Trip.


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It's sad to see you go off from here (if it's really true). You have been a good member to this forum. Just don't use the PM thing anymore and just keep on posting. I almost never use the PM thing anyway!

Well anyway, I did some G.O. searching and that day we got a rare SIR G.O. that has it only running to Pleasant Plains with a free shuttle bus going from Tottenville to Pleasant Plains. I do want to check it out as this could be the 1st time the O7 NG Hybrids would be doing the SIR Shuttle.

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Im confused a bit:


~You dont seem to be bad in this forum, unless there is some things im missing

~Why did you make this topic? If you wanna stop posting then stop, no need to make a topic to tell everyone. Post when you want.



But all i can say now is, good luck mate!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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