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Mon 5/11/09 Lucky Trip via Long Island-Nassau


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I not sure this goes to railfan trip forum or off-topic forum or US forum so I put it here. Please correct if it was at wrong forum.

Thank you.


With Japanese guest named Masa who was staying at our guesthouse, I went to buy dispersal camera, then we got on front car of Times Sq-bound (7) R62A #1790 departed 9:36:57, arriving 74th St-Broadway @ 9:40:43. We made mad run to Queens-bound platform of Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av and got on rear car of 179th St-bound (F)R46 #5600 departed 9:46:36, arrive 169th St @ 10:06:10.

We did not make to early one, so we made mad run for Jamaica Bus Terminal.

To my lucky, CNG NG on N24 #1745 10:20 N24 departed 6 minutes late at 10:26:20.


As bus was travelling along Jamaica-Hempstead Avs past Queens Village, I thought there was black lady wanted to sit down, so I kindly get up and try to offer her by tapping her on shoulder if she want to sit down, and she yelled, "DON'T TOUCH ME, DON'T TOUCH ME!" and told that is not good thing. I was only trying to offer her seat! I was hoping if NG will make 11:30 N15 departure at Roosevelt Field Mall.

At Roosevelt Field Mall, NG N24 arrive 11:28:30, suppose to arrive 11:26 and we made to 11:30 N15 #1499 departed 11:32:15, 2 minutes late. He gave us transfer for N69 Point Lookout. This B/O was excellent and he obey the railroad crossing safety, by stopping 15 feet away from track, then listen for train, look both way and he cross the track.

After departing Rockville Cetre Station, he stop for flashing red school bus on opposite lane, and after stop sign was clear, he proceed and follow his railroad crossing routine.

At somewhere along the route, nice samitran ask, "Where are you going?"

I sure him the Point Lookout schedule, "You going to Lookout."

I said, "12:45pm."

He said, "You could make it. Five minutes"

Arrived Long Beach Station at 12:42:30.

He pointed to N69 Point Lookout #175.

Our 12:45pm B/O was (MTA) B/O and it departed ontime at 12:45:50, and arrive Lido Blvd/Lynbrook-Mineola Avs @ 13:00:00. It was excellent scenic bus ride ever and even it was long, it was only 15 minute bus ride and he made U-turn at dead end street and became 13:00 bus.


We had lunch at JoJo Apple cafe and we sit down at outdoor cafe. It was very nice and sunny day. I had crabcake sandwich with my favorite chocolate egg cream while Masa had spicy chiken and beer and we enjoyed our lunch by Atlantic Ocean.

Masa told me his father is Keisei Bus Operator in Japan.

Masa made meeting with Ryu, another Japanese guest who is staying at same house at around 17:00.

When 1400 bus came, I took picture of same bus #175 on N69.

We finish lunch at 14:30, so we walk around the neighborhood and we took picture at beach side, then went back to post office where bus stops.

All traffic on Town of Hempstead Park obeyed and stop for flashing red school bus.

School Bus was called Long Beach School.

At 15:00 which is Long Beach Middle School stop, same #715, but this time friendly Long Island Beach B/O was driving it.

When we paid $2.

N69 LB B/O: He is 75 cents.

Me: I am not student. I am adult.

N69 LB B/O: OK, student gets discount.

He thought I was student because of my backrack.

He departed 2 minutes late at 15:02:30.

I forgot what was his name even I heard regular N69 passenger said thank you, (his name).

Arrive Long Beach Station @ 15:16:25.

We bought two off-peak roundtrip ticket to Woodside because 16:02 Long Beach Branch was direct to there.

We paid $14 at machine and we got on 3rd car #9893 of M3 departed ontime at 16:02:08.

I checkout the window and door and few driver's are not obeying railroad crossing rule.

Soon, conductor punch our ticket. It was beautiful scenic ride.

It was on time all the way to Valley Stream, and after train departed Valley Stream at 16:25, we move to 2nd car #9840, then front car #9839 which was RAILFAN WINDOW on Long Island Railroad.

Friendly T/O let me see the railfan window, even thought center area was foggy.

I enjoy the railfan window on M3 car.

At Jamaica, we were delay because there was ahead train, but train arrive Woodside Station ontime at 16:48:33.

Since I was too early, I told him I will go straight to Flushing.


Next we went upstair to 61st-Woodside Station, then got on front car #2145 Flushing-bound <7> R62A Express departed 61st St-Woodside @ 16:57:53.

Masa got off at Junction Blvd to meet Ryu while I stay onboard. I was planning to catch NG at Earhart Lane/Erskine Place in Bronx again

Arrive Flushing-Main St @ 17:07:45.

Went I went to QBx1 bus stop at Main St/Roosevelt Av, it was perfect timing!

It was QBx1 Shuttle CP #9615 departed 17:12:57 and arrive Pelham Bay Park Station @ 17:39:52.


Another lucky as I caught College Point Orion V #6020 on Section #5 departed 17:48:40 and arrive Earhart Lane/Erskine Place @ 17:52:40. It was excellent ride.


As I waited for NG on any of Bx26, Bx28, Bx30, I went to see Amtrak action by looking from fence.

Around 1800, northbound train passed first, then few moments later, southbound train.

When Bx26 NG #4075 started up, four more NG show up, but I waited for Bx26 NG 18:27 bus, departed 20 seconds early at 18:26:40, and got off at Bartow/Edson Avs @ 18:50:44.

I ran to SBS Station, obtain proof-of-payment receipt and got on Bx12(+) GH 5564 departed Edson/Bartow Avs @ 18:52:10. I always hold receipt in my hand as I always do at NJ Transit's lightrail. I was still shock that few of them still does not know how to pay Bx12(+)!

Bx12(+) caught up with ahead Bx12(+) #5575.

At Sedgwick Av Station, MTA NYCT Fare Insepctors boarded #5575, then they got off at Cedar Av Station with hispanic-like couple without receipt. I think I believe they might be tourist or never have taken SBS. I think they got ticket. Next, they came to us, and B/O said, "Please take out your receipt" and everyone obey. Fare inspector said, "Thank you." and we were good to go.

Arrive Broadway & 207th St @ 19:35:10.

When I enter Inwood-207th St, to my other lucky moment, I finally caught R46 Far Rockaway #6202!! I NEVER BEEN THAT LUCKY TRYING TO CATCH R46. It was all thanks to Bx26 NG and Bx12(+)!

It departed 19:37:17, arrive 42nd St-Port Authority Bus Terminal @ 20:02:11. I wave to R46 (A) T/O and rush to Times Square, which I made to front car of Flushing-bound <7> EXP R62A #2046 departed 20:11:56, arrive Junction Blvd @ 20:32:27.


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