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Accident @ Merrick and Liberty


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There was an accident involving a RTS. Probably NIS. I'm not sure. Looks like someone wasn't paying attention to the lights.






Taken at 7:40ish earlier. If the scene still there, I'll take more pics on my way back home.

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Was the bus damaged? Anyone hurt? Who was at fault?


- A


Yeah. There's a good mashup where the truck hit the bus. I'm not sure if anyone was hurt, the bus driver was ok. I'm not sure who's fault it was. It's hard to tell because of where the bus was hit. (It could be that the truck hit the bus, the bus ran the light with the truck hitting it, etc.)

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SevenEleven, that's what happened when I was on Q10 Northbound, even thought there was no accident.

When Q10 Northbound was traveling north on Lefferts Blvd, black car went on opposite lane and cut of us immediately, almost causing us accident, just to run over the intersection at RED Light.

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