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It happen again, this time with a MBTA a bus driver

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Hello all

I just wanted to tell you there was another problem up here in the Boston it happen yesterday. It seems some lady took a picture on her cell phone of a bus driver reading a newspaper and driving the bus at the same time. I guess this morn did not watch the news last week about 50 or so people going to the hospital. It was on the news tonight the lady took 3 pictures of the bus driver newspaper spread out across the steering wheel and he would look down to read for one minute put look up and drive and then he would put his head down again and read more of the paper and this went on for 30 minutes during rush hour morning traffic. It happened in the town of Arlington Mass which is about 25 miles north of downtown Boston on the 77 bus. If you would like to watch the video it is on there news web site of WHDH.com channel 7. The MBTA officals had no comment when is it going to stop would some one please tell me. By the way last week a school bus driver in the town Clinton Mass was fired for texting while driving and for a minute or two he had his hand off the steering wheel with kids on board:mad:. Take care and have a great night and god bless

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thats just plain crazy how are you trying to read the news paper and drive a bus full of passengers.once again another idiot like this one makes a stupid move.i get the newspaper myself in the morining but i put it to the side and at the end of my route i take 5-10mins to read the paper.really reading the newspaper and driving at the same time is asking for an accident.:tdown:

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