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Question about "Pick"

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Hi guys, I got a question, I notice some people use the word "pick" when bus fleets are transfered, like Bx55LTD was NF D60HF and went Orion 5 due to "Spring Pick." My question is, what does pick mean, yes I know buses are transfered but whats the point of this? And is there only a Spring Pick or other seasons? Does this also go for Rail too?


Thanks =]!

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A "pick" is simply when B/O's, C/R's, and T/O's go on to operate on their designated routes. For instance a B/O picks the M60. That B/O would begin operating on the M60 when that day arrives.


I hope I explained it well enough for you. If I missed out and details, tell me.


Actually I know that part, thanks for telling me th0, but i meant regarding Buses when Bus fleets get switched duing a season. Like the M100 normally runs Orion Vs but now its getting some D60HFs, and Bx55 was the opposite, D60HF but now Orions, thats what Orion(forum member) accepted for what i said. =\

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