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Two shots from last Saturday

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Hehe, thanks guys. The background-melting ability of this lens is great. Here's another one (this one actually has to do with trains :eek:)




On my Dell the image didn't have a color cast...on my Mac it has a pink color cast. Who knows what my other laptop would display. What color are the clouds on your screens?

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They somewhat have a brownish tint. Nice pics, the DOF on #2 is awesome. I'm trying out stuff like that since I just picked up a 50mm f/1.8


Ah, good, the brown is what I was aiming for. The 50mm is an awesome lens, and gets excellent all-around sharpness around f/4-f/5.6. You won't be disappointed, that's for sure.


Pretty awesome. I like any photos that have to do with nature.


Same, I love greenery. :cool:

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Nice stuff!!!


I miss my olympus SP! :):confused::):cry::mad::tdown:


That tone is called sepia, and ranges from rust brown to pink. In 2 color movies before 3 color process the 2 colors were often sepia & green. Higher grade film was red & green.


- A

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