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History Question: #5 conex #2@149th/GranConcourse

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For much of my life, I've been fascinated by the "civil engineering" side of the #5 to #2 conex @149th St / GC.




1 - Was the construction of this connection done "cut and cover"?


2 - 149th Street traversing Grand Concourse for a stretch of a quarter of a mlel or so -- rising over a "hump". This "hump" covers the #4 station and the #5 tracks curving N and S making their approprate conex to #2 tracks below or #4 tracks above. As you visualize this, was this a "cut and cover" construction job? TOr did they construct this "underground"?


Hmmm....Thinking about it, it seems that it would be easier to have all of the ROW exposed -- cut and cover -- , then cover it up and "build up the street" environment afterwards.


I've thought about this for over four decades as NB #5 trains take perhaps one of tightest radius curves in the system -- pulling into 149th St.


Hey, those engineers back then were creative.


Any thoughts / historical "grit" on this?





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I think it was cut and cover, im not sure but what i do know is that the (5) connection between the (4) and (2) Lines came about when they wanted to bring White Plains Road Trains down Lexington.

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I might be confused on the question regarding Jerome Line to White Plains Rd line connection. But most likly, the (MTA) wanted to allow East side commuter to connect from WPR line to Jerome, which gave them Lex Service.


The 149th- Mott Station was opened like that, in which the western part of the (2)(5) platform ends up under the Jerome line mainly cuz the Metro North(Formally NY Central Line) is found over it on the Eastern end of the (2)(5) platform, The MTA couldn't allow exit right under a railroad. So. Seeing that the (5) needed access to Lex Line, they had to create the curves to get from WPR Line to the (4)'s Jerome Tracks..


BTW whats ROW?

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