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Suggestion: Excellent Video Op - #6 NB Exp

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Hey -- great Video Op of NB #6 Expresses passing Soundview Avenue Station


Face SB focusing on Elder Avenue Station from the NB Soundview platform at last car position. Great spot, man. Rush hour PM. When expresses round that curve due east of Elder Avenue headed NB at full throttle -- WHEW! THAT -- my friends -- is great video footage. The speed of the head motor rounding that curve -- at that particular angle is impressive. The "glide down the "ramp" towards Soundview Avenue Statioin -- is classic and archival footage. The R142s rock on this NB stretch towards Parkchester in the PM rush-- with good speed / good railroad, man!


Best positions are -- again -- on Soundview Avenue Station. I'd try St. Lawrence Ave Station on the NB side @last car positon before they start decelerating for the Parkchester pull in.


Good stuff.


If and when any of you get good footage of this, please share.


Fraternally IRT,



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