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Whats Better than Light Rail?

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Nice photos!


welcome back. And I was at your Brighton Line today too and Coney Island and took photos.

Thanks! Cool.

nice shots!


WB Zach and some really nice shot you got there.

Thanks Dude!



Nice stuff (Z)!, must be good to be home on the (Q6)! :cool:


- A

Thank Man! Oh yeah, (Q)uincy never looked so better:cool: Compared to Light Rail in the desert! lol

Welcome Bk (Z), you must be very happy to see the Brighton Line (:)(Q)(D)(Q6) =P

Excellent Shots!

Oh yeah! Thanks!

Welcome back mah dood! Great stuff you got there, we should totally fan sometime while you are here B)

Thanks Man! Yeah, lets get together!

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Excellent! But don't you think that Light Rail is a lot quieter?

Thanks! Yeah, but there is no comparison between the subway and light rail.


Slammin pics Zach!


Welcome back! I'm looking foward to seeing more pics this summer!

Thanks Man!

Wooo Lots and lots of R160s!

Oh yeah!

Ah, Z, welcome back. Coming up to BERA again in a couple weeks to try your hand operating a SMEE car?

Thanks Man. I believe June 7th. Its preliminary, but I hope to be up there and operate:tup:

What's Better than Light Rail? - I know. The Brighton Line!


Welcome back Zack. Nice pics!


Definitely! Thanks Man!

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