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Spring on the Hudson is gorgeous, so I played hooky last Thursday and grabbed some Harlem and Hudson line shots.


First we go to Katonah, where there's a grade crossing just south of the station.








Then over to the Hudson for the rest of the day.



New Hamburg



Cold Spring






Bear Mountain Bridge



Bear Mountain Bridge toward Manitou



Breakneck Ridge



Breakneck Ridge again



Nightcap at Brewster North yard.


Thanks for looking at these. If you like more check out the albume


your pal,


Edited by Fred G
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Thanks, Forest Glen.


Nice Pics! Looks more like the rockaways of course =)


Hehe, of course! Thanks!


Nice pictures! I got to get some shots up that Bridge!


Thanks, and you won't be sorry!


Excellent pics, especially the first Bear Mountain bridge one! Bear Mountain has such a nice view.


Thanks, it really is scenic there and all around.


Nice shots! Like those from the bridge.




Good coverage of the Hudson. :tup:

I bet standing on that bridge was sort of scary?!


Thanks and yeah and no as to scary. Enough to feel like adventure, at least.


Great stuff as usual (F)!


That bottom contact 3rd rail still freaks me out, dunno why. :cool::eek::confused::P


- A


Thanks, (A) LOL @ bottomrailophobia


Slammin pics Fred!


Yup, Thursday was an excellent day for pics.


Thanks R32 B Train! We had postcard weather, no doubt :)

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Beautiful Man! I haven't been up to Cold Spring nor Breakneck Ridge Since 1998, when I last attended sleep away camp up there:p


LOL I haven't heard "sleep away camp" in like forever :P:tup:


Gorgeous! :cool:


Thanks Cyberider!

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Shame on you for playing hooky! But kudos for the shots. I don't know whether to be mad at you or proud...


But anyway, I love that shot with the marsh. You can see how the land was altered for the railroad tracks.


Thanks, be proud!


Sweet #203 I had connections to take pictures inside while it was at Grand Central.. very impressive inside!


now that I have a car I should visit some stations


Thanks and congrats on the car!

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