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Yielding to buses

Q53 Limited

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New bus decals remind automobile drivers to yield


Too bad we don't have this great law. wish we did. here is one of the few transit system who do got the law in place......



Minnesota transit


It’s the law: Buses have right-of-way when merging into traffic from stop

All buses in the Metro Transit fleet soon will bear a decal that reminds motorists that buses have the right-of-way when re-entering the roadway from a bus stop.


The decals feature a red yield sign along with the Minnesota statute that gives buses priority. The decals are being positioned on the left side and above the brake lights for maximum visibility.



The new decal serves as a warning to motorists that they must yield to buses pulling out from bus stops or shoulder lanes.

“Legally, buses have had the right-of-way when leaving bus stops for more than 10 years,” said Mike Conlon, Metro Transit’s director of bus and rail safety. “These signs remind other drivers that it’s not just courtesy to yield to buses — it’s the law. Adding the decals to buses complements the existing program that displays signs on the backs of some buses, as space is available.”


NJ Transit

Seattle Metro Transit, Sound Transit

Vancouver Translink Ca

Chicago CTA



Your thoughts....................................

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Excellent thought Q53 please upload some pics about this you bring a very good and important thought for us b/o :tup:(JFK)


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