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Driving the G - Crosstown LCL

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Hi guys,


I'm working on a guide on how to operate the Brooklyn bound G train in BVE. Being such a complex line by running only 4 cars (and stopping at 6 car markers), being up for considering of eliminations, and additions and a whole plethora that will show itself when it happens, I feel that users can use a guide to getting started to operating the line.


So far, I'm just adding sections and information where I know. This is a lengthy project and I'm asking for help from all of you guys out there. I know that everyone will be able to contribute in some way, form or shape.


Here's what I have so far:


1. Overview - Of the Guide, etc.

2. History of the (G) line

3. Fleet - What the (G) runs

4. Line Analysis - Overview of the line setup, etc.

5. Station Listing - Station Listing with Transfers, Connections and Notes organized in a Table




The guide is still in the early stages. I have to gather screenshots, pictures, info, etc. If you guys want to contribute to the guide, let me know. If it proves successful, I'll consider making guides for other routes and sims as well.



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